Life and work lessons

January 5, 2015 | by Jack Sitch

Wow …it has been since November 3rd since I last posted here. Crazy changes in life and I have been crazy busy. I will see if I can shake off the cobwebs and make sense with my keyboard tonight.

Let’s start with the life and work lesson(s) I have had the ‘pleasure’ of facing. Last year when I was in the middle of producing the ‘Dakota Sportsmen TV’ pilot show and subsequent second show that never aired (more on that later) for the Sportsman Channel I had to decline an offer to become the producer for a company that supplies TV advertising for WOW and Golden West cable companies among others. It was a decision that I felt pretty good about before the ‘troubles’ began. The ‘troubles’ being an inexperienced show producer that apparently got in way over his head and despite my attempts to work with him he eventually forced me to walk away with a rather large amount of monies past due for the work completed. That’s where the second show ‘not airing’ comes from as I would not release the second show without payment up front.

While the ‘lost’ money was a hard hit it was not truly unexpected, since that can happen in the production world, especially when dealing with inexperienced producers. Spring and summer allowed me to at least keep my head above water but winter can be fairly tough as a freelance producer. Then by the grace of God in October I was once again in discussions with the commercial production. Their offer was good, the benefits even better – but (here’s the uncomfortable part) I would be bumping out a young man who I am acquainted with and have no beef with. Do I say ‘yes’ potentially hurting this person and his family while taking care of me. Or do I say ‘no’ and face a harsh winter season without a nest egg to rely on. With the hit I took on the hunting show, I knew I had to say ‘yes’. So I did. How did it turn out? Well that’s another story for later.

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