Perceiving your journey

November 3, 2014 | by Jack Sitch

It’s not how far you still need to go in achieving your dream that should matter – it’s how far you have already come. I think often about how those of us aspiring to become a producer or on-camera actor look at the journey ahead of us – it’s like staring up from where we are to the top of the mountain – and we get discouraged by how far we still have to go. I would like to suggest you change that perspective and look back at how far you’ve already come.

It’s easy to get discouraged by the journey ahead of us when we are striving to make a goal. However in every journey worth taking each step brings us not only closer to where we want to be but just as important it takes us farther away from where we have come. In my life when I opened the microphone on my first on-air radio show the journey was far from over but – and for me this was a huge but – it was a lifetime away from that shy, introverted kid who was scared to speak up in class or even attempt a conversation with someone I had just met. Even though the actual steps from where I had been to where I stood at that moment were relatively few, when I looked back at where I had been it seemed like I had already crossed an ocean. I had the right to be overjoyed at my success and I was.

So as you take this journey to achieving your dream remember that you don’t have to think of the steps you still have to take as the only perspective that counts, the steps you have already taken are just as important if not even more so. Remember, when you walked across the stage at your graduation the journey to where you were going had just begun AND at the same time the distance you had come from your first hesitant steps as a baby was a lifetime ago. Those first steps were just as important to your journey as your future steps will be.

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