You are a success – really

October 31, 2014 | by Jack Sitch

As we head into the weekend led by one of my favorite nights (Halloween) I want to give you a few words of encouragement and congratulations on your decision to pursue your dreams and goals – especially if you have people around you who maybe are not as supportive as you would like.

I remember with more than a little dismay the looks of some of my friends and family members when they found out I wanted to go into broadcasting. I started in radio and I was shy, introverted and had a speech difficulty that kept me from talking much at all around others. Why in the world would someone like me ever want to go into a profession where I made my living off of talking to others? I can understand the doubts of others; however they may never know how much those doubts hurt me as I started the pursuit of my dream.

You may not face that same type of doubt from others as you aspire to be an on-camera actor or a producer, but if you have, let me tell you how important your decision to pursue your dream is. That’s who you are and that’s the passion God has given you. Your skills and abilities are your gifts from God – what you do with them are your gift to God. Pursue your dream with a passion. Let nothing stand in your way. If this is what you truly want to do and be – give it all you have to succeed. If this is where you are, then remember that I believe in you. I know that you can make it. You’ll stumble, and sometimes fall hard, but if you get back up and keep moving forward with your pursuit then you will succeed. Make this next year your best year ever in your pursuit. You are a success if you want to be.

Take that first step in your pursuit and then keep walking forward. Contact me at the Black Hills Institute of Broadcast & Cinematic Arts or email me at with any questions. Then remember to share this post. Thank you.