Where do your knowledge and skill levels fall?

October 29, 2014 | by Jack Sitch

How objective are you about who you really are in regards to pursuing your dreams and goals? Can you give me an honest answer about you – the dreamer? Tell me which of these categories you fit in:

  1. Willing to do whatever it takes to learn more knowledge and gain skills in pursuit of your dreams
  2. Willing to learn more but are quite hesitant about from who and where you will learn
  3. Know you still need to learn more but are afraid of what others might think if you turn to them for help
  4. Already know most of what you need to be successful in your dreams but can still become more skilled
  5. Already have the knowledge and the skills for success and you just need the opportunities

I ask this question because I’m constantly amazed at how many people I interact with in this region who might answer that they fit in one of the first three categories but live like they’re a perfect fit for number five. For me if you’re a number five then you should retire now… If you really have a self-belief that you already know all that you need and your skills are the best they will ever be then there is nowhere to go but down, so you best just retire. Let’s be honest, if you really were that good you wouldn’t be here waiting for your chance to succeed, you’d be somewhere else already succeeding.

It’s the other categories I want to work with because they are just like me – they are working at getting better and even when they may be too shy to ask for help they at least know that they could use some help and their skills can still get better. I love working with other producers and actors because I find that I’m always learning something from them that will make me better. And I want to continue to grow and get better at what I do.

Let’s all work together as a team in improving who we are and what we do. Contact me at the Black Hills Institute of Broadcast & Cinematic Arts or email me at sitch.jack@gmail.com. Then remember to share this post. Thank you.