Celebrate taking that first step!!!

October 28, 2014 | by Jack Sitch

Wow, you took the first step on the journey to reach your dream and you survived! Maybe you don’t think of the beginning of your journey that way but you should – it’s something you should celebrate and feel proud of. It doesn’t matter if you stumbled or not, the fact that you survived means you are ready to take your second step.

Many of us though look at the outcome of our first step and begin to pick it apart with statements like ‘It wasn’t good enough…’ or ‘Yeah but I did this wrong…’ Trust me, every one of us is our own biggest critic and we are hard to please, but the simple truth is that taking your first step is so much better than just talking about your dream and the journey. We need to treat the steps in our journey the same way we do a baby who is taking their first steps. We clap and smile and cheer and hug them because they are taking their first steps! Imagine if you criticized a baby for falling as they took their first steps – they wouldn’t want to continue trying. The same is true for you as you begin your journey on achieving your dream. That first step was cool – way cool, and don’t you forget it.

But what about the stumbles and mistakes – listen, they’re going to happen and you have to understand that each step you take will be better than the last one. Don’t get too critical, next year you will look back and laugh at how far you have come on your journey. The next year you’ll do the same – after all if you aren’t getting better each year at what you are doing then there is a deeper problem. So today when you take that first step take your time afterwards and celebrate that step just like you would with a baby’s first step. You are doing great taking that step and pursuing your dream. And hey, remember that tomorrow’s step will be even better.

Come on now, no more hesitation, take that step. Contact me at the Black Hills Institute of Broadcast & Cinematic Arts or email me at sitch.jack@gmail.com with any questions. Then remember to share this post. Thank you.