That first step!!!

October 27, 2014 | by Jack Sitch

You’re a dreamer with aspirations to make it as a screen actor or maybe a producer. You have your plan in place and found a good mentor to work with and sometimes lean on. Everything’s in order and you take your first step …then what?

That’s probably the scariest moment any of us encounter in our lives, and if you’re like me you’ve encountered that moment many times as you continue to chase more dreams and goals. If you’re finding yourself at this moment currently, you know what that fear feels like. It does really bring you to a pause and sometimes even a moment of self-doubt and hesitation. Don’t feel bad that you feel this way – scared and doubtful, anxious and hesitant – everyone who has ever succeeded in their dreams and goals has found themselves at that exact moment. In the end they all agree if you aren’t scared at that moment then you really don’t care about your dream, your goal. If you really want it with a passion you will be anxious and scared. However you still need to take that step…

All right – you took that step and maybe you did just fine and are ready for the next step – but you might have stumbled with that first step and maybe you really have some doubts now. That’s cool – really it’s all right. If you don’t ever stumble and find yourself ready to quit because of how hard it can be and how frustrating it is to stumble then maybe that’s because what you are striving for is not that far away from where you are now. Don’t aim low, step out on that bright stage or jump into the deep end of the pool. Take chances, takes risks, face possibly failing – that’s when you‘re really alive. That’s when you’re showing your passion. Life is truly best when you step up to the edge and then leap… I don’t remember what philosopher first said it but it’s a line I find so true – you’ll never reach the other shore if you don’t first leave the shore you’re on.

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