Where are you at with your dream?

October 24, 2014 | by Jack Sitch

One of the most awesome things I get to do as I work with others in the pursuit of their dreams is watching as they work so hard towards that aspiration and achievement. I get to know how humbling that chase can be and how hard the struggle is and how great the effort they have to put forward is. I am honored to be watching and sharing their journey.

As you pursue your aspirations I know that you understand how hard it can be. I think of Steve who has been aspiring to achieve success as a stand-up comedian. Eight years of effort, working in front of small crowds in sometimes horrendous locations, and beginning to see the efforts pay off as now when people see his name on the flyers and on the marquee they know what kind of entertaining and funny show they will get to see. I have watched young and old alike work towards their opportunities to be in front of the camera, sometimes only in a non-speaking roles and sometimes delivering the lines, always nervous and hoping they hit their marks and deliver the performances in ways that help get them to the next level.

I have great conversations with actors and producers who talk about seeing the progress they have made over where they were last year and looking forward to where they will be next year. I think often of a young actor that I have worked with in the past who is only currently in middle school. He has worked hard with his mom finding opportunities to submit his video auditions on national projects and this fall being accepted for one of those roles and cherishing that moment when he hears the ‘yes’. How about you? Where are you at in this process of reaching for the stars? Are you finding yourself where Kevin is? He goes on stage tonight for his first shot as a stand-up comedian in a professional show. He has ten minutes to leave his mark and begin making a name for himself. His dream’s journey is only just beginning.

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