Do you consider it an opportunity?

October 23, 2014 | by Jack Sitch

If you found a way to work in the industry around your passion but not in exactly ‘the’ dream job you were aiming for would you do it? Would you look at this situation as an opportunity to get your ‘foot in the door’ and get closer to your dream job? Or would you consider this an affront to your dream and passion?

Let’s say you’re aspiring to be a filmmaker and find yourself with the opportunity to work in the production office or maybe on set as a PA or Grip – would you take that opportunity? How about if the production company offered you the chance to work in the Art Department or with transportation or locations? What if your dream was to be a screen actor and a film production came to the area and you had the chance to work as a PA or a non-paid extra – would you do it? Are you willing to make the connections and get some experience while growing your resume in pursuit of your ‘dream job’?

These are questions we all need to consider as we work towards achieving our dreams. While we go through the process we need to understand that the world is not just waiting for us to knock on their door. And as we work our way towards our dream job we may even find that we love another part of the industry that we had never considered. I often think of my friend Mike who works in Hollywood on both movies and TV shows. He’s been a Prop Master and Grip and loves the business even though these are two areas he wasn’t dreaming about when he began his pursuit of the ‘dream’. I also think about Tracy who was a commercial producer for years and has now found his passion in being a Grip and a Gaffer and he runs his own independent grip and electric company. He’s so happy doing what he is now doing even though neither of these positions were what he dreamed of. I guess the lesson is to never shut the door to the possibilities.

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