We’re stronger when we’re creating with others

October 22, 2014 | by Jack Sitch

One of the overriding lessons I have had the ‘pleasure’ (not really) to learn through my years in the world of creative arts is how hard it is for many of us to work cooperatively. It’s not that we are not nice people and don’t get along with others because we do, but when it comes to being creative with others many of us want to be the leader and have ownership of our creative ideas and we don’t want to share. It almost feels like I’m being overly critical here but I’m not trying to be, I’m just trying to identify a weakness many of us have as we work in the creative arts.

What I am NOT talking about here is just creating something and giving it away – what I AM talking about is openly being a part of the creative process and sharing in the process. The really cool thing about creative people like us is that we can come up with some really awesome ideas. Unfortunately many times we tend to think our ideas are best and then we distance ourselves from others who may want to make changes to our ideas. Richard Marx had a great song about this a few decades ago called ‘Don’t Mean Nothing’. It does mean something when our ideas are changed and altered – we take it personally.

So one of the things I would like you to learn in this business is how to work cooperatively with others in the creative process and production. I know through my many years in the business that we are stronger together than we are apart, and even though I have done this type of work longer than many of you often times it’s the young artist who has the best idea or just the right changes to my ideas. Together we’re stronger – always will be. And if I didn’t believe this lesson before, Improv has taught me that any scene is stronger when we work together. Yes even this old dog can learn new tricks…

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