Getting your rest IS important

October 20, 2014 | by Jack Sitch

Here it is Monday evening and I am very tired and amazingly I find it harder to sit here and write coherently while I’m this tired than it is for me to muscle ahead and drag trees down a hill after clearing them from last year’s blizzard or loading equipment on and off a grip truck after an 18 hour day. I’m trying to write a blog post – come on – is it really this hard?

Unfortunately it really is that hard to concentrate on being creative and reach deep for the words to tell a story (fiction or otherwise) to your target audience. It’s the same reason that an actor who is not well rested can fail miserably on-stage, or a DP can miss ‘the’ shot or even not light properly in setting a shot when they are that tired. In the professions that most of us are dreaming about succeeding in, being tired can be crushing to our chances of success. So while I am not willing to take a nap before allowing my fingers to hunt and peck on this keyboard tonight, if I was advising you right now on achieving the dream you aspire to I would definitely tell you that you need to be getting proper rest before continuing on your efforts.

Is rest really that important? Yes it is. It helps you maintain the optimum level of creativity and accurate thought process as you delve into your creative endeavors. Listen, I’ve stepped out on stage for Improv rehearsal and performances after spending at least 12 hours on location or on set for production and I can honestly say that my efforts suffered and my creativity was greatly affected – and creativity is the lifeblood of Improv. So listen as you get ready to take the opportunity for an audition, or a performance, or you’re getting ready to produce a project be sure and plan ample time to get the rest you need to be on top of your creativity and skills. Trust me you won’t regret it.

If you have any questions contact me at the Black Hills Institute of Broadcast & Cinematic Arts or email me at – after my nap :-). Then please remember to share this post. Thank you.