“Some men see things as they are and ask why? I dream of things that never were and ask why not?”
Robert F. Kennedy

JSA Productions LLC began as a dream to bring a better level of broadcast and cinematic production to the Black Hills region in South Dakota. Founder Jack Sitch knew through working with the many outstanding local production professionals and the professional crews that come to the Black Hills to produce their television and film projects that they could not individually make the significant strides that would bring in the substantial business and dollars seen in other regions of the nation. That is where the “associates” of Jack Sitch and Associates (JSA) comes in. It is the professionals working in association with each other that can begin the development of a higher level of local production and provide the foundational support for a higher level of outside independent and feature films to produce in the region.JSAPro_NDDOT_JibPrep2

Like all journeys towards the achievement of dreams, it begins with a single small step. That step is the opening of the physical location of JSA Productions LLC in Rapid City, South Dakota. The 700 square foot studio, with lighting grid, green screen and more allows the associated producers to have a location to produce in a studio setting, with lighting and sound design, set production and more. JSA Productions LLC shoots with Canon HDSLR and other HD cameras, video editing is completed with either the Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere suites, offers field and location audio mixing, and is lead by an award winning Producer with over 35 years of broadcast and production experience.

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